1. Is a charter school a public school?
  • Ascend Academy Charter High School is a public charter school within the Broward County Public School system.
  1. Is your school accredited?
  • Ascend Academy Charter High School is a Cognia certified (2020), fully accredited high school that is recognized by the State of Florida Department of Education. 


  1. Is there a uniform policy?
  • Although there is no uniform policy, students are to adhere to the dress code policy addressed within the Student Code of Conduct Handbook.


  1. Do students receive a standard high school diploma?
  • Yes, upon successful completion of high school graduation requirements, students will earn a standard high school diploma.


  1. Is there a credit recovery program? “I’m behind on my credits. How can I catch up?”
  • Students who attend our school are able to recover credits through our blended learning curriculum.


  1. What are the school hours?
  • Instructional hours: 9:00am – 3:05pm
    • Doors open at 8:30am
  • Office hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm


  1. Do you serve breakfast and lunch? What is the cost?
  • Breakfast and lunch are served. There is no cost. Breakfast and lunch are free.


  1. How do I report absences?
  • To report you child’s absence, please contact the front office via phone at 954-978-4555.


  1. If I share a home with a family member, can I still register my son/daughter?
  • Yes, we will provide you with an Affidavit of Shared Housing that must be notarized.


  1. How old does the student have to be to self-register?
  • Students need to be 18 years old to self-register.