The Individual Learning Plan is adapted to meet students at their current level in each subject. As a result, students are engaged in their studies, challenged to do their best, and realize their capabilities. With the help of the guidance director, students develop realistic learning objectives to meet their academic goals.


How does it work?

Upon receipt of student grades and credit summary from former schools, the Guidance Department performs a detailed review of the status for credits, grades, standardized test scores, and any special needs (Exceptional Student Education or 504 Plans) that are relevant and mandated by federal or state policies.

Once a thorough review has been conducted, our Guidance Director plans out the number of credits needed for obtaining a diploma and plans a four-year program for the individual student. If a student has transferred into the school beyond freshman year, the same process applies, but is pro-rated according to the time allocated for completion of all credits in senior year.

The director then reviews the level of course that is appropriate for the student’s learning ability. For example, a student would qualify for high level or honors-level classes if he or she demonstrated strength in math, based on high grades and standardized test scores from prior years. If that same student is reading below his or her assigned grade level, then the appropriate level reading class would be assigned to sharpen reading skills and accelerate learning to bring that student to a satisfactory level of reading skills. Every student has a unique Individualized Learning Plan.

This process of assigning the correct academic level of classes and number of credits assigned to each school year is established before the student’s first day of class. On his or her first day of school, each student reviews the Individualized Learning Plan in a one-on-one meeting with the Guidance Director.

We know that high school can be a confusing time. We want our students to be empowered in their development to yield a healthy result. Students will not only do better academically, but they will experience increased levels of motivation. They will obtain an understanding of their own abilities, increasing their confidence. They will enjoy the respect they receive as an individual by having a tailored plan that meets their uniqueness. Students with an individual learning plan gain a healthy relationship with responsibility and accountability. Students will graduate successfully mastering subject material without the stressors from a traditional curriculum.