All students learn at their own pace. Subjects favored by one can be difficult for another. A student who is good in English will keep up with the teacher. But if they are not adept in math, it is easy to fall behind little by little every day as the teacher moves along the content.

 The result? Failing grades. Not because of an unwillingness to learn, but because the student needs a little more time and coaching that the teacher cannot provide in a traditional school.

Our blended learning model returns students’ confidence and hope for their success.

At Ascend, we are dedicated to our students’ success. Students will attend their school day in a modern classroom setting where teachers become facilitators, encouraging small group discussions. Concurrently, students can advance through material at their own pace using our online Apex curriculum. This type of blended learning empowers students to reach content mastery as our certified and devoted teachers are able to work individually with students. No longer will students experience getting lost and behind in coursework.


Students are not just a number at Ascend. We value who they are as an individual, we see their potential, and we help them achieve beyond what they may have thought possible. As a result, they grow in confidence and many students go on to dream of bigger futures for themselves, once they see the possibilities.


All students are provided a free laptop to use during the school year. They will access their curriculum on a blazing fast WiFi network (using fiber optic, not coaxial cable). Most classroom furniture (desk and chairs) are on wheels, so teachers can group students together for collaborative learning activities.

The online curriculum is accessible 24 hours a day throughout the school year. This enables students to tend to their responsibilities outside of school while still being able to complete coursework. Although we have traditional semesters, students can complete classes eariler than the end of the semester, and our Gudiance Director can then assign a new class to keep students focused on the goal of graduation.

Unit tests and final exams are the only part of the courses that are required to be taken in the presence of their teachers.


At Ascend Academy Charter High School, not only does our learning model allow for students to perform better through individualized attention and subsequent understanding of course material, but they are also able to experience restoration of their confidence and a positive outlook for their future. Students discover that through their self-application, they’re able to successfully complete their course material and move toward their goal of getting their high school diploma.

We find that our students also experience an increase in their sense of belonging. No longer will they feel like just a number in school; our small class size provides an inclusive atmosphere that allows for students’ very best to shine through.

Our supportive and dedicated faculty and staff provide students with the ease that no matter their circumstances, our staff is committed to their success. This allows for students to develop healthy restorative entrustment with adults. In addition, students can attend class safely and worry-free. Students will experience an inclusive culture free from bullying so they can focus and show up to prepare for success.


Driven to provide our students with the resources to succeed and explore other interests, we offer the following programs:

  • Credit Recovery
  • After School Clubs & Activities
  • Tutoring

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