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Seniors, please read this letter from Vincent P. Alessi, Principal

Report Abuse Hotline

If you are being abused, or you know someone who may be a victim of abuse, please call: DCF Report Abuse Hotline phone number, 1-800-962-2873 

There are trained counselors standing by 24/7–don’t handle it alone! Help is just a phone call away.

Food Distribution Sites Schedule

On Monday, April 27, Broward County Public Schools will begin a new schedule at all 51 District food distribution sites, which will reduce the number of weekly trips for families and provide greater efficiency to staff.  VIEW SITES

 We Miss You!

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The Right Vibe

Security First!

Wraparound security keeps everyone safe, 24 hours a day


Blended learning focused on the goal of graduation


This school revolves around in-demand careers


Students are able to engage in sports at their boundary school


Community partnerships keep our students on targeted pathways


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Why Ascend?


Blended learning is the key to the success of our students. We are NOT an online school. The online Apex curriculum guarantees that students can move at their own pace. Coursework is accessible 24 hours a day throughout the school year, weekends included. Additionally, teachers are all certified, so students can have the additional advantage of individualized tutoring throughout the day. Attendance is mandatory each day, and if students struggle, a teacher is right there to help them master the content and move on.

Unit tests and final exams are the only part of the courses that are required to be taken in the presence of their teachers. Although we have traditional semesters, students can complete classes earlier than the end of the semester, and our Guidance Director can then assign a new class to keep students focused on the goal of graduation.


Courses, conversations and schedules at this school revolve around the careers that are available today and looking ahead to tomorrow’s pathways. Many of our students choose to work after school, and we assist them with resume writing, interview skills, and a peek at potential careers, regardless of whether they are immediately choosing college or moving directly into a career training environment.


Ascend Academy Charter High School is laser-focused on academic achievements for our students. While there is no formal athletic program, students may still be engaged in activities at their boundary high school, with permission of the principal at that site.


Ascend Career Academy HS is committed to providing mentors and partners so students can experience pathways to their future with individuals who are already practicing in their fields.

A School that is JUST Right

A model built on the principals of: Blended Learning, Career-Focused, and College Readiness

Traditional high schools are built upon a fundamental principle: one size fits all! Is that really how students learn? Of course not. Teachers will tell you that the biggest struggle in any classroom is teaching a curriculum in a way that keeps all students equally responsive to the content. But we know that students work at different paces in every room. At Ascend Academy Charter High School, the online curriculum permits the student to move at his or her own pace, and the classroom teacher works with every individual student to ensure that the help is there when needed.

Just the right price to attend – FREE!


Current Students

Security Upgrades

State of the art security measures are in place before our students enter the building, and with a long standing commitment from Margate Police Department, our students, staff and guests have wraparound security that keeps everyone safe, 24 hours a day.

Property patrolled by certified Police Officer and Security Specialist


Metal detectors installed at every entrance


For security purposes, all backpacks are searched


State-of-the-art video surveillance throughout campus


Both manned and video surveillance at parking areas


Limited access and staffed entrances for all student areas


Take a peek…

Personalized Learning

A student who is good in English will keep up with all the teacher is putting into that class. But if he or she is not as adept in math, it is easy to fall behind a little bit every day as the teacher moves through the content.

The result? Failing grades. Not because of an unwillingness to learn, but because the student needs a little more time and coaching that the teacher simply cannot do in a class of 30 or more students. Not at this school. Our teachers average with a class size of 21 students, and they work with individual students, not large groups. The help is there when it is needed.

Modern Classrooms

All students access curriculum on a blazing fast wifi network (fiber optic, not coaxial cable), and most classroom furniture is on wheels (desks and chairs), so teachers can group students together for collaborative learning activities.

Don’t take our word for it…

Listen to what our students have to say…

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Common Questions

There is no such thing as a dumb question; if you do not see the answer to your question here, give us a call – or better yet, come by and take a personal tour! 

Does every student get a FREE laptop?

YES! All students are issued a Chromebook Laptop for accessibility to content and for all state testing sites. Laptops are returned upon withdrawal or at the end of each school year. Curriculum is not available over the summer months.

How safe is this school?

In consideration of the need to further secure this school, the Governing Board has made a commitment to keeping it safe for students, staff and our guests. An armed Margate police officers is on campus each day, a security person patrols every inch of the school throughout the day, and a security system (CCTV) monitors movement inside and outside the school, especially in the parking areas and front lobby. Other security measures such as backpack and purse inspections, as well as stationary and mobile metal detectors are utilized every day.

What is the pupil/teacher ratio?

Most classes have an average daily attendance of 21/1 ratio, ensuring that all students get the attention they need.

Is there FREE tutoring for all subjects?

YES! All teachers are available to individually tutor or to hold small group tutoring after school on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays. Students need only ask for an appointment 24 hours in advance. This assistance is preferred by many students who require one on one attention for as often or as little time as needed to move ahead in their classes.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a strategy that combines/blends the online curriculum with the classroom teacher in a way that promotes the teacher as more of a facilitator and less as a pacing guide. Every student learns at a different rate, and the teachers will give group instruction and then work one on one with many students as they individually progress through the online content of each class.

Is there tuition to attend this school?

NO TUITION! Ascend Academy Charter HS is a Tuition Free Public Charter School.


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