Explore interests and develop lifelong skills for success

Participating in after school clubs and activities has been shown to improve social skills and skill development. It also has been responsible for providing students with improved academic performance.

Students who participate in activities of interest develop a positive outlook of school and exhibit increased brain function. Our clubs and activities also help students develop time management and other life skills beyond what the club specifically offers.

Some of the essential real-world life skills a student will earn are:

  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Independent Inquiring Mind
  • Leadership Skills
  • Time Management
  • Sense of Community
Because the above skills are highly desirable in the workplace, employers look favorably upon job applicants who have participated in after school clubs and activities, often giving them a competitive edge over other applicants.

Ascend Academy offers student-driven after school clubs and activities daily. With a diverse and ever-changing student body with a variety of interests, Ascend Academy’s lineup of after school clubs and activities rarely looks the same from year-to-year because they are created and operated based entirely on student demand. Over the last few years, some of our more popular clubs and activities have been created for students/by students with interests in:


The Art Club gives all students an opportunity to express themselves through a combination of art projects. These may include pencil drawings, oil painting, sculptures, or wall murals. Under the direction of the art teacher, students are encouraged to find that area of artistic expression that they can practice at home and at school.


There is more to gaming than late nights huddled around a screen for high school students. Gaming is also a career path for those students who desire to follow that pathway into cutting edge gaming technology. Students in this club design games, critique market growth of software, and engage in competitive gaming scenarios.


The LGBTQ club at Ascend is a place for students to have a social setting that is nurtured by adult leaders in a safe, supportive environment. Opportunities for social events and a structure for providing resources makes this club an ideal place for growth and solidarity among diverse students. This “Safe Zone” fosters an atmosphere of inclusivity and acceptance in the school setting.


The students in this club are an integral part of the school, and they become the voice of all the student body. Involved participants meet with the principal and administrators and work on programs to benefit all students. The club leader also involves students in civic projects and provides a continuing overview of how government functions in society.


The Journalism & Graphic Design after school program initiates the students into the world of news/journalism writing, and then builds their skills with graphic design that accompanies the written words in a magazine/newspaper format. Students examine journalism as a career path and look into the expression of news stories as they relate to current events. Artistically minded students work hand in hand with the writers to produce a series of products that are posted to the school website for readers around the world.


The students in this club learn the various types of native Spanish dances and perform for the school at special events. The teacher introduces Spanish music and exposes the students to a wide variety of genres. Students also look at traditional Spanish dress for celebrations and holidays.


The Photography Club is a hands-on club that examines the many facets of photography as an art form, as well as the technology that is instrumental in the composition of photos. Students discover the relationship of light and how illumination through examined techniques and processes deliver individualized photos, and then are encouraged to go outside the school for photo sessions. The teacher and fellow students will critique each other’s photos and publish them in conjunction with the Journalism Club.