Get Back on Track to Graduation

Not every student learns at the same pace, and often, due to life circumstances, students may not carry a full load of credits in an academic year. In order to graduate on time (within the approved four-year window by the Department of Education), some students require a Course Recovery program that is structured to the need for acceleration of credits in any given academic year.

At Ascend, we want to be sure that students know that nothing stands in the way of their graduation. We provide students with support and guidance to get back on course and on their path toward graduation. Our credit recovery program empowers students to continue their academics to completion and ensures that students are able to gain the same knowledge as their peers. Students are not left behind and are, instead, empowered with options to help them reach their graduation goal.

How does it work?

When a student registers at Ascend Academy Charter High School, the Individualized Learning Plan will spotlight the progress of that student’s credits. If a student lacks enough credits to graduate within that four-year window, the Guidance Director will plan out a Course Recovery Program.

The Course Recovery Program will move a motivated student beyond the normal four class semester and permit him or her to pick up extra credit(s) in that semester. If a student failed two classes at another school in freshman year, he or she would be behind two credits and would not graduate in four years. For example, most high schools limit students to 6 credits per year, resulting in the 24-credit diploma in four years. With the Credit Recovery Program, a student could earn four credits in the first semester of a school year, and four credits in the second semester, resulting in 8 credits in one school year. The missing two credits from freshman year are recovered in sophomore year, resulting in a graduation within the four-year window. The student would graduate on time.

Students will learn through the same academic standards as if they were enrolled in the standard four classes per semester. They will move along the course at their own pace to master subject material, all while completing credits so that they may graduate high school with their diploma.

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