Don’t take our word for it…


FREE Laptop

Laptops are for use during the school year

FREE Tutoring

Tutoring offered from 3:15 to 4:30 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday for all classes

FREE After School Clubs

Lots of clubs to keep students engaged in after school activities

FREE County Bus Passes

Available to students who live over two miles from school

FREE Breakfast & Lunch

Both breakfast and lunch is provided free of charge to all students

We care about our kids… not one of them is  the same as another… like pieces of a beautiful puzzle

There is not one student at the school who fits like all the rest. They are individuals, and we are small enough as a school to give them the best possible fit in life and in their academics because we get to know them.

We have specialized services for special needs, and we have individual plans for their progress. Every student meets with a Guidance Advisor before they begin their classes, so we can tailor their progress to their needs.

Our staff members care or they wouldn’t be here. It’s that simple.

It takes a team



Our combined experience is forty years of classroom and administrative experience. Mr. Alessi, our principal, has been at the forefront of technology since he first became a classroom teacher in 1990. He has worked with both at-risk students and high achieving students in the International Baccalaureate Program, and has successfully piloted Ascend Academy High School from a vision into a reality in just four years. Graduation rates have grown by 50% since the first year. Mr. Rhodes, Assistant Principal, has been with the school since the first day, and his combined experience as a teacher and administrator has been an integral part of the school’s growth.


Support Staff

The support staff includes Ms. Denise Garcia (Principal Secretary/Budgetmaster), Ada Riviera (Guidance Director), Stacy-Ann Johnson (Testing & ESE Coordinator), Delmy Garcia ((Registrar & Front Desk Ops), Kelly Walker (ESE Specialist), and Diana Rice (Mental Health Counselor)


Talented Faculty

Our faculty is a dedicated group of certified teachers who were hired for their compassion and content expertise. Students know that these teachers are more than just classroom figures–they form the backbone of the school.

“Ascend Academy Charter High School gave me a chance to make up my credits and still graduate on time. They cared enough to give me a plan that worked!”


“My teachers know what I need and know how I learn. Classes are small, and knowing I can also do my work from home helps me to stay on target for graduation.”


“Public high schools are too big, but Ascend is small enough that my teachers and the administrators got to know me fast and were able to help me with the advanced classes I needed to graduate.”


“I feel safe at Ascend Academy High School. There is a police officer at the door as I walk in each morning, and I don’t worry about kids causing problems because the staff cares about our safety.”